Coloring outside the lines. One-Act Paint n Play for grown ups!


I offer painting nights for groups of individuals or groups of couples 

This is a 2 hour guided expressive painting experience meant to tap into your innate creativity and passion. How often do you give yourself permission to follow your impulses. This is your chance! Discover the freedom of FREE-PLAY. Believe me, your inner child wants to play!

Indulge your senses

I offer these paint nights in the comfort of your own home or at my studio.

What”s included:

  • all materials (paint, canvases, paint tarps, tables, brushes)
  • guided instruction of mark making and techniques
  • guidance in the process intrinsic painting

What you need to bring:

  • a desire to have fun and tap into your childlike nature
  • a willingness to be open
  • any refreshments you’d like to share


Fees: The cost for this experience varies by group size.

$ 345 for up to 8 people. There will be a $20 charge per person after 8 people.  



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